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Suchit Patel
Dec 22, 2021
In Questions & Answers
Hello All, I have been following a lot of the conversations on the Tube Amp diy builds and I am now ready to build one. I am following the 300B-BOM list, however there are 4 items not available CapacitorNichicon 47uf 450VUVY2W470MHD CapacitorNichicon 100uf 100V Audio GradeUKZ2A101MHM Resistor Metal FilmVishay 1K 1WPR01000101001JR500 Resistor Metal FilmVishay 100R 2WPR02000201000JR500 Question#1 - Can I replace the above with the following? PR01000101001JA100VishayMetal Film Resistors - Through Hole 1watt 1Kohms 5%LD1085V50STMicroelectronicsLDO Voltage Regulators 5.0V 3.0A Positive ROB-100V101MI5#ElnaAluminum Electrolytic Capacitors - Radial Leaded PR02000201000JA100VishayMetal Film Resistors - Through Hole 2watt 100ohms 5% Question#2 - Edcore seems to be out of stock for the transformers till April of 2022, what alternatives can I use without losing the visual appeal of Edcore transformers. Power TransformerEdcorXPWR134375-0-375/200ma Power ChokeEdcorCXC12510H/75ohm/200mA Output TransformerEdcorCXSE25-5K-8ohm output Appreciate your help and input.
Suchit Patel

Suchit Patel

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