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Jack of all trades, master of a few! I've been a dinghy sailor for much of my life, built lots of boats, restored lots of them too. I've restored and experimented on old diesel Mercedes cars and ran them on various alternative natural fuels I made myself. I love coffee, so I've built coffee machines and fluid bed roasters. Oh, and I'm into tube amps and turntables. At last count I had restored something like 50 vintage European turntables and I currently have a few tube amps and radios that need work! The only audio things I've built are a phono-stage based on an EAR design, and an MC SUT (step up transformer, using a pair of vintage Shure microphone transformers). I also built my speakers from oak timber, recycled from a wine barrel. They are open baffles using Lii Audio Fast 8 drivers.


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