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Struggling Artist
Nov 10, 2021
In Show and Tell
I was originally going to post a couple questions but I think I have worked out all the kinks in my first from scratch design and build of a guitar amp. Most everything was salvaged from a 1946 radio/record player, gutted, and redesigned into a class A guitar amp. It was originally push pull with two 6V6 tubes over 8k of impedance but is currently a single 6L6GC over the same 8k. It took a lot of math and tinkering but sounds fantastic. I don't think I need to change a thing in regard to sound but perhapse anyone can offer insight as to any undesirable operating conditions. It is currently only biased at 70%. I hear i can take that to 90% with class A but I don't want to over work the transformer.
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Struggling Artist

Struggling Artist

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