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Apr 03, 2022
In Show and Tell
Unfortunately, I don't speak English and I have to use machine translation. I live in Estonia and love good music. I studied electronics and work for a telecommunications company. During my school years, I liked to build electronics equipment myself, then we had Russian power in Estonia and all the components that could be obtained were of Russian origin and mostly poor quality items were put on sale. All that was decent went to the industries of the war. I bought myself an A50 300B at some point and I was not happy with this purchase, I began to find out what others thought of it. I got into your activities and decided to make my long-held dream come true, to build my own lamp amplifier according to the SkunkieDesigns scheme, I really 😊 liked it A week ago I got the last details and now it's testing time. Some things are troubling, maybe you can help. The power transformer gets pretty warm at 60 -70C in a couple of hours, is that normal? When measuring the voltages, I saw the differences with those of SkunkieDesigns. They started checking the scheme to see if I hadn't made a mistake anywhere.
300b Amplifier is finished according to the scheme SkunkieDesigns. content media


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