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Ryan Redmond
Jan 06, 2022
In Questions & Answers
Newbie question - You mentioned in your wrap-up that you thought the output transformers were the reason for the low wattage, and talked about scaling up to the 15 watt model and seeing if it got you a few more watts. With 10 watts potential on the output transformers, why is final output not at least a little higher? My brain wants to jump to the conclusion that if you're not getting 10 watts out of a 10 watt transformer with adequate power from the PSU the issue must be a lack of gain or something else on the input side. Or is it just general inefficiency of the tubes, etc? If it's gain would expanding the design to a parallel output tube configuration help get more out of the OTs? Or is moving up to a larger transformer the only option for more power in this particular design? It would be awesome to see 5+ Wpc. Would scaling up either the number of tubes or the wattage of the OTs be pretty straightforward or would the overall architecture of the amp need to be upgraded? Thanks!
Ryan Redmond

Ryan Redmond

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